Terms, conditions and privacy policy

1. General
These are the terms, conditions and privacy policy for app "Send My Location" (updated 13.8.2017). By downloading, installing and using the referred application the user agrees to terms explained in this document.
2. Privacy policy
This app sends user's exact location (provided by the device's GPS hardware if available) to the recipients the user selects. The user is in control of initiating the sending and selecting the recipients. User's location or other private data is not sent or stored in developer's server. This app uses Google Maps API and user accepts the terms and privacy policy specified by Google for using Google Maps services.
3. Liability
The developer is not in any way responsible for the app's functionality, fit for any purpose, availability or in any way liable for any results of using this app.
4. Contact
In case of any questions, please contact the developer at:
Cupla Software